1953 Mercury Monterey

Rear fender skirts add to the sleek, horizontal flow of the basic design. Exuberant-but not excessive-stock chrome brightwork, including the lower-front bumper, hood-scoop trim, bodyside trim, and cabin-glass trim, is in excellent condition overall, with some age-related wear (as on the door handles). The Monterey’s beautiful sloping rear deck and chrome-surrounded taillights are even more striking with the added spare-tire carrier and rear-bumper extension in body-color, and “Mercury”-embossed chrome bumper.

Cabin floors are covered in dark-green carpeting (which continues in the same professional installation in the trunk). The driver’s view through the green steering wheel (with delicate horn ring and Mercury-logo center) is another perfect-Fifties design. A half-circle 110-mph speedometer is flanked by aircraft-like pull-levers for heating and ventilation, and the entire dashboard surface matches the exterior paint.

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May 6, 2022 6:13 pm