1956 Ford F-100 Kustom Mercury Recreation

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Full size photos

Full size photos

1956 Mercury M100 Kustom Pickup Recreation 312ci T5 Transmission *One-Off Build!

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The truck was then lathered in correct 1956 Mercury ‘Saffron Yellow’ paint, which really pops and was the perfect color for this truck. Getting the perfect stance was also extremely important, so the stock suspension was removed, and reversed eye mono leaf-springs were installed on the front & rear, along w/ a 4” drop I-Beam up front. This lowered the truck a total of 7” up front and 4” on the rear, which created just the right fixed stance, w/out having to use air-bags.

If you have been searching for a one-of-a-kind pickup that can win ‘First Place’ awards at any car event, but one that can also be driven and enjoyed to the fullest, you will want to take a very close look at this gorgeous 1956 Mercury Kustom Pickup!

Vehicle Description

After World War II, collecting old cars & trucks became a huge passion of thousands of folks across the nation, as the economy was booming and people had the extra money needed for this new hobby. They wanted to create something to express themselves, however, this group didn’t want just any old collectable car.

Features include: yellow vinyl seat w/ black mesh-type inserts, matching door panels w/ Buick door trim & 1969 Nova grab-handles, painted dash w/ Classic Instruments 6-in-one gauge-package, original 1956 Ford steering column w/ original 1956 Ford steering wheel & turn-signal assembly, original manual steering shift lever w/ yellow-swirl shift knob, and black prestige carpeting throughout. Simple, clean, and absolutely perfect for this truck.

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