1932 Ford Model B

This car is located in
Switzerland, if you are interested, you are welcome to stop by and test drive
it, a in person sale is allways the best. Selling the car, because i have to many cars and no time to drive it.

Here are some details:

Ford hydraulic brakes, droped axle, 39 rear axle,
open driveshaft, ford f 100 steering box, 40ies steelies front 4.5×16, rear 6 x
16, good tires 6 x 16 / 7.5 x 16, gas shocks, all new bushings and joints

relocated gas tank (behind rear seat), all side
windows roll down electric (switches hidden under dash), headlights with turn
signals on top.

40ies style steering wheel.Car will be sold as is, no gurantee on the car. Buyer needs to arrange pickup and transportation.

1932 Ford Model B

Price And More Info!
November 16, 2021 6:34 pm