1962 Ford Thunderbird

Runs as good as it looks and hasn’t leaked a drop since I bought it in June. The previous owner (since 2003) had the original Sahara Rose professionally reshot, the interior feels (and smells) very authentic and most everything works – the A/C compressor was removed and the heater core bypassed long ago but the dash controls still move air.The factory AM deck is shown in the trunk – it’s believed to be repairable but was replaced with a licensed retro AM/FM receiver with an Auxiliary cord to connect to a 3.

I made a durable repair to the antenna but technically it’s broken near the base.All 5 tires have good tread and the external rubber was probably replaced by the paint shop and is in good shape. The glass is all good and both front Power Windows work great.

A long scratch on the Passenger side door extends to the rear Quarter Panel and should buff out. You’ll find the usual masking and drip defects.The carpet and mats are in surprisingly good shape.

Once someone starts riding back there the leather will probably need to be redone but for now it still looks decent.The factory in-dash clock only tells the right time twice a day and the fuel gauge, while not stuck on E, appears to read low and I haven’t yet run out of gas to determine just what E looks like. The pump shut off after only 13 gallons with the gauge showing 3/4 tank but the gauge returned to nearly E after less than 50 miles.

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October 27, 2021 6:05 am