1969 Plymouth Road Runner

About this vehicle
This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is a project vehicle. The owner has had it for 5 years. The vehicle needs work and is mainly used for car shows.

The VIN matches and was not removed when the dash metal was removed, straightened and painted (someone mounted a CB to the center of the dash) The 70s were fun I bet.

Body and paint wise the car was done right. Each removable door, fender, deck lid, hood was removed and prepped off the car.

I have a nice ROLLING ENGINE / TRANS setup that allows you to place the K member, engine and transmission on it then lower the car down onto the K member so you can professionally set the motor and install the bolts. The torsion bars are included. The radiator thay came with car is included.

I have proper ubolts, the leaf springs that were on the car and the hangers. I do not have the bushings and I ALWAYS replace the bolts because I had one break once and that’s not happening again.

The front and rear windshields have been set with new gaskets / sealant.

Price And More Info!
July 15, 2021 5:42 am