1956 Mercury Montclair Phaeton Hardtop Sedan

1956 Mercury Montclair Phaeton Hardtop Sedan

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The hooded headlights, vertical “chubby cheek” taillights, and bumper-integrated grille were changed only slightly. All 1956 Mercurys had a large “M” medallion on the front of the hood, and the word “Mercury” was spelled out in block letters on the center horizontal grille bar. On January 2, 1956 Mercury introduced a four-door hardtop called a “Phaeton,” and which was so designated on the sail panels in gold script.

 If you’re looking for a classic mid-50s car, passing up this Monterey Phaeton would be a mistake. It’s a viable alternative to the GM Tri-Fives and to Exner’s Chryslers. Stop by MotoeXotica Classic Cars today and check out this Big M for yourself!

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