1956 Replica/Kit Makes Woodill Wildfire

1956 Woodill Wildfire. Rebuilt Ford 302, rebuilt c4 auto trans, new drive shaft, Ford 8.8 rear end.

After the war, as U.S. servicemen began to return home, they brought with them a taste for those fast, minimalist machines – Morgans, Singers, Rileys and Triumphs –they had spent their leaves flogging through the English countryside.

By the dawn of the 1950s, the time became right for an all-American sports car.  1953 Woodill Wildfire (www.CarrevB.

The great makers of the classic era – Auburn, Duesenberg, Marmon and Stutz – were all pulled under by the Great Depression. The 1940s were for the most part consumed by war and its aftermath. Little energy remained for the frivolity of sports cars.

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June 29, 2021 5:33 am