1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SC Sunroof Coupe

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1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SC Sunroof Coupe for sale!

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Restoration work was performed over two periods, one in 1998, and more comprehensively in 2006. Today this wonderfully finished 300SC is an excellent example of what makes these iconic touring cars such captivating instruments of elegance. At every turn, the hand-built ambiance of these cars exudes the luxury and refinement that established Mercedes-Benz in the pantheon of excellence.

The upright grill is in excellent condition, with one minor blemish on the drivers side where the hood had previously slightly dimpled the inside corner of the back edge. An impressive touch on the rear bumper is the German pronouncement of the engine lurking under the hood Einspritzmotor, subtly reminding those lurking behind of the powerful fuel-injected engines that commanded both Nurburgring and the Autobahn. All lenses, lighting, and glass are in excellent condition including the windshield.

The engine compartment is in very good condition overall and properly presented with correct parts, correct intake system, fuel-injection, proper factory components, with attention to hard lines, hoses, and electrical allowing for some modern updates. The matching numbers engine and generally correct engine compartment are quite tidy and properly finished; a difficult if not nearly impossible challenge given the rarity and precision quality of these mechanical parts, many of which are shared with the iconic 300SL Gullwing.The car starts easily and idles smoothly, though regular use has been limited in recent years.

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June 25, 2021 5:31 am