1965 Ford Mustang

A stock “corral” lives in the grille, the front and rear bumpers are shine up nicely, and those taillights are among the most recognizable in the entire automotive kingdom. Oh, and check out how well that hood and doors fit! Carrying a few nice upgrades, the lovely light blue-and-white interior obviously works well with the freshened blue paint, and the hues are close enough that they complement each other nicely.

It still cruises at modern highway speeds and pulls down fuel mileage that any modern Mustang would be pleased to own. Nice and tidy under the hood, it’s wearing a few dress-up chrome pieces like the shiny valve cover and air cleaner, a new carburetor, and a fresh distributor, plug wires, fuel pump, and giant aluminum radiator for added reliability. It fires quickly and easily with its characteristic grumble from the single exhaust, and with the 3-speed automatic transmission, it pulls the lightweight little coupe around with aplomb.

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June 11, 2021 5:21 am