1966 Ford Fairlane 500 R-Code

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classic vintage chrome factory drag bbf FoMoCo slicks

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Exterior Color:

WImbledon White

Interior Color:

These cars came from the factory with only one mission – win everything on the street and strip. So Ford purposely made sure that it could save weight wherever it could. This Fairlane’s lavishness was meant to be measured by how many trophies it brought home.

) But just in case you don’t already know about Ford special 427ci racers, then read on and find out why this might be your one and only opportunity at greatness. Ford prepared all 57 cars the same way in iconic Wimbledon White. The company could only get these handfuls to dealers in ’66, and they were a certainly only for the knowledgeable.

But as great as it is to appreciate the history, this coupe was really made to drive. The correct Ford top loader four-speed manual transmission means complete control over the 425 hp/480 lb-ft of torque that launches the lightweight intermediate ahead of Chevys and Mopars. Front disc brakes were even part of the original package just to keep this ferocious Fairlane under control.

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