1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible

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Full size photos

1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible 12000 Miles Turquoise Convertible V8 4.8L A

Exterior Color:


Interior Color:

3Y86N422116 First Registered 10/1963: Manufactured and shipped to California Second Owner: Oregon, NASA astronaut Third Owner:

Green Mileage: 11, 970 Actual Miles, As illustrated on ADOT title Write up from our Client who hand picked each Lincoln- What a find! This hand selected 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible marks the pinnacle of the third year in the making of the most iconic, legendary car of all times.

Legendary John Cashman, last year, ran through the relays and electrical in its entirety. After receiving his blessing and signature, she was sent to have the upholstery remastered and canvas top replaced. Maintaining the original designer’s vision, select modifications, such as the factory wood paneling being replaced by teak wood surfacing, diamond stitching upholstery, adherent to the original piping patterns, matched on down to the custom floor mats.

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