1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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classic vintage chrome chevy pony car z28 302 dz v8 4-speed manual black

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There’s even air conditioning to make this hot Z-car a cooler ride. The result is a classic that retains its significance while also making sure you want to enjoy it every moment you get. The black paint on this was an upgrade later in life.

Those polished Cragar SS units are the kind of addition this Z/28 would have gotten on its first day off the Chevy lot in 1969. But they are also a larger 17-inch size, which means it’s easy to fit modern performance rubber. The mean blackout continues inside.

It keeps its style authentic everywhere from the finned valve covers to the gasket around the air intake to make sure this special V8 inhales fresh air from the cowl hood. These motors were built to be extra powerful, but that only gets better when it now exhales through long tube headers and an upgraded H-pipe dual exhaust. The full package is dialed-in to really make sure you get to full power of this real-deal Z/28.

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