1965 Fiat 500 1965 Fiat 500 43163 Miles Red Coupe 499 cc 2-cylinder Manual

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Fun all out of proportion to its size and a celebrity everywhere it goes!Introduced in 1957 and built for nearly two decades, the 500 name comes from the car’s original 479 cc two-cylinder air-cooled engine, which, by the time this 1965 500F was built, had increased to a whopping 499 cc. So it comes by the name honestly.

The four-speed shifter is on the floor just ahead of the levers for the starter (yep) and the choke, as well as the hand brake. No radio, no heater (Italy is typically a warm-weather country), just a convenient little storage bin under the dash. The folding fabric sunroof is a 500 trademark and works rather well, and includes a neatly fitted headliner inside that makes the interior feel finished.

stamped sheetmetal floors in good condition, a transverse leaf spring front suspension, and a somewhat sophisticated rear trailing arm suspension that largely eliminates the usual swing axle antics that [wrongly] got the Corvair in so much trouble. It’s solid and tidy, but not detailed for show, which only means you can look forward to driving it as intended. Steering is light and highly communicative, brakes are effective, and from behind the wheel you’ll forget that this is basic transportation—that’s the Italian sensibility for you.

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