1965 Plymouth Fury 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury convertibles both need full restoration unique options

This auction is for the blue 1965 Sport Fury Convertible but I will include the white car as well. Buy one get one free! Both cars have clear Florida titles in my name.

The interiors of both these cars have been dyed black, but underneath both were the two tone blue. Most pace cars had front and rear bumper guards, both of these cars have front and rear bumper guards. Most pace cars had specific hub caps with “knock off” centers, both of these are so equipped.

This car is nearly complete minus the tachometer and fender skirts in the back. This car runs and “yard drives” with good oil pressure, no noises, leaks, or smoke, transmission pulls in forward and reverse. I refurbished the brakes in this car when I got it with new master and wheel cylinders, some lines, and brake shoes so it will stop as well as go All tires are old, three hold air for a long time, one goes low after a week or so, but good for loading on trailer.

I was told it was special ordered this way. Very unique to find a C-body with these options. This car is more complete with the fender skirts and factory tach still in place.

Price And More Info!
April 2, 2021 5:20 am