1968 Ford F-100

Ford F-100. I’ve had this truck for ten years. It’s run and been registered the whole time.

I actually have the new column which I’ll include. It takes would only take a few hours to change but I haven’t also I have new rear lights for it of the proper year new mirrors for it which are not the proper yearthe ford badge letters that go across the front and a few other parts I have done some things to the truck. the gas pump is electric now, did the front end bushings recently, new battery It will start right up run and drive just fine and it a great candidate for restoration or chopping or whatever, there are no dmv fees.

 body panels are solid no rust through or holes. windows work  all glass is there. the wood in the back is about 8 years old and  has some life left in it but it was used as a work truck so it’s not beautiful but it is solid.

 Oh, read this part >>>>> it has a manual three speed transmission. three on the tree. I assume if you’re looking at this truck you know what that is.

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August 14, 2021 5:58 pm