1966 Plymouth Belvedere II Hemi 426/425HP V8 2 Door Hardtop

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Full size photos

0 426/425HP Hemi V8 Automatic2 Dr Hardtop

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A Hemi powered ’65 Plymouth racing car went over 129 mph in the quarter mile and whilst NASCAR issued a temporary ban on the $1,800 engine, Hemi Belvederes won many events in USAC, NHRA & AHRA competitions in 1965. Richard Petty’s eight NASCAR wins then created greater demand for the engine as well as for the Satellite with the announcement of the engines induction into NASCAR circles and with USAC seeing the Hemi powered cars take its annual championship.According to Chrysler’s historic archives, 844 Hemi powered Plymouth Satellites were built in 1966.

It should be pointed out that the 426 Hemi and other engines used in sanctioned racing were special, low production engines that were never really intended for use on any street vehicle. Indeed the engines were only produced for street cars after NASCAR ruled that if either Chrysler or Ford wanted to race their complex and expensive hemi-head engines then they would have to build a certain amount of street cars with these motors and sell them first to the public. Ford famously declined but Chrysler went ahead and so the legendary 426 street Hemi was born in 1966.

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mechanic and MOPAR enthusiast who had purchased the car directly from
the original owner. The previous owner repainted the car in a two stage
‘Hemi Orange’ about 6 years ago and installed the carpet, otherwise the
car is completely original inside, no seat upholstery, dash work etc ever
completed, only the weather stripping has been replaced, otherwise its
an original survivor with believed to be original miles.The
car is one of the few cars (if not the only one, as it was reportedly
painted and sold ‘Orange Peel’ from the factory with the fiberglass
Ramcharger hood to be debuted as the ‘Orange Peel!

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