1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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1969 Plymouth Road Runner Green Coupe 383 V8 94767 Miles

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) “Plymouth Road Runner: lightweight, cheap muscle” – Allpar (Mopar-enthusiast) website The Pontiac GTO may have started the muscle car wars, but Chrysler upped the ante with the Road Runner. The Allpar website continued:

At just over 94,000 miles-roughly 1,825 miles per-year on average-this Plymouth performance legend has been lightly used, and its high level of owner maintenance is evident throughout. This Road Runner’s medium-green-metallic finish is excellent across the entire “Belvedere” 2-door-hardtop body. The simplicity of the bodywork-free of some of the graphic excesses and extensive blackout trim of later models-makes for a pure representation of the original Road Runner aesthetic.

Still, the Road Runner image on the steering wheel center and again on the passenger side of the dash, make a clear statement of the car’s pedigree. And to clear up any doubt, just lift the hood. Underneath that hood is a perfectly clean, virtually spotless engine compartment with the “383 cubic-inch Road Runner”-labeled air cleaner topping the V8.

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