1965 Volkswagen Beetle – Classic

California Survivor:
1965 Volkswagen Beetle
Sunroof Sedan

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An old Volkswagen Beetle is an automotive icon of the purest kind.

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A classic Volkswagen Beetle offers everything one ever needs from a car, not more, not less. Without black boxes, oxygen sensors, power options, and electronic gimmicks, it is as pure and basic as one could imagine and thus destined to live forever.

The omnipresent Beetles that roamed Americas roads have almost all disappeared. Most have been eaten by the merciless rust devil, others have been modified, often to a point of no return.

This particular 1965 Beetle is bone stock save for a conversion from 6 to 12 volts, and a slightly larger 1600cc engine.

After towing it home, we installed a new battery and went through the entire fuel system, the brakes, and the electricals to make sure it performs as a Bug should.
So let’s have a closer look now, starting up-front with the trunk.

We find the original carboard trunk liner, a bit warped after 55+ years, and an aftermarket wire cover.

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July 12, 2021 5:30 pm