1965 Ford Daytona

                                    Cobra Daytona Coupe By Factory Five Racing            There were very few Cobra Daytona Coupes produced, it seems that most buyers wanted the open roadster which carried over to the Reproduction Kit Market. Even then, most buyers wanted the roadster which left very few manufacturers building Daytona Coupes. The coupes required more technology to build which made them more expensive and much more complicated to build then the roadster.

The best place to start with this build would be from the frame up. The chassis features 4-inch round main tubes combined with 2×2 and 2×3 inch rectangular steel tubing, complete with an SCAA-legal, six point roll cage. He used FFR’s independent rear with 3.

The Air Pod control package (tank, pump, sensors) is mounted in the rear hatch area, sharing the space with an Optima battery and 16-gallon ATF fuel call under the floor.            Once stopping and turning were taken care of, motive power was next. The high-performance looks of this car demanded an engine to match.

In addition to being quiet and powerful, the Pro Charger has its own self-contained oil reservoir. It’s currently set at a conservative 15 pounds, but it can dial up as high as 28 pounds.              He estimates the current setup puts out about 900 hp with lots of potential for more.

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July 1, 2021 5:30 am