1972 Ford Bronco 1972 Ford Bronco rebuilt 302 Holly Sniper EFI

Mike Lattin

(360) 863-2241

10909 Mountain Loop Hwy

Granite Falls Washington 98252

1972 Bronco

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  Zombie apocolypse?  No problem, this beast is ready to tackle armageddon!  Despite its full dress in camo, this rig stands out.

 The 6 point “family cage” was just painted and incorporates a winch to haul your “harvest” inside the rig.  Or your kids if they won’t cooperate. .

  It fires up easily and has good power. The 3 speed transmission has been converted to a floor shift that works nicely. The clutch feels nice with no chatter and an easy pedal effort.

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June 30, 2021 5:38 am