1972 Dodge Dart

Vehicle Details

Dodge Dart. (The engine on the ground is not the engine for this car. The engine is still in the car, the one on the ground is junk I recently pulled out of a Chevy and haven’t disposed of yet.

The fuel tank was also porous and leaked. I had a rollback put it where it still sits, jacked it up onto jack-stands and removed the front fenders, carb, and fuel tank. I bought a few parts along the way, rebuilt carb, fender from a 1970 (Marker light hole is different), extra grilles, a floor pan for the passenger front (the only one with holes) (you’ll have to install the floor pan), front fender extensions, and four aluminum rims with new BF Goodrich tires.

7 and a quarter rear axle. The previous owner did a front disc brake swap so the bolt pattern on the front is BBP (big bolt pattern) and the rear is SBP (small bolt pattern), so the front wheels don’t fit on the back and vice versa. This is an absolute auction with a starting bid at $500.

I reserve the right to refuse to let it leave my property until it can be loaded/transported safely on the public roads.


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Price And More Info!
June 19, 2021 5:38 pm