1966 Volkswagen Beetle – Classic

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Full size photos

Full size photos

CC Classic Vintage Collector Bug VW Track White Roll Cage Receipts Track

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Exterior Color:

Pearl White

Interior Color:

The white paint has a nice pearlescent glow, and so it lets the sunlight show off the classic VW silhouette we all love. But while that upgrade is subtle, the rest is not. You can tell this is a bada$$ Beetle by the full upgraded yellow headlights that lead the way.

There are Braum racing seats that are modern units finished in soft leather. So they look like this classic VW borrowed modern Audi RS seats. There are some fun details here, too.

It’s made for performance driving with the four-speed manual transmission built paired to a lightened flywheel, Stage 1 pressure plate, and HD clutch. And a nice set of modern tires help add grip to this nimble Beetle. Complete with maintenance records, this is a unique and speedy Beetle that’s a lot of fun.

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June 17, 2021 5:17 am