1970 Buick GS 455

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Full size photos

Full size photos

Classic vintage restored Buick GS 455

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Exterior Color:

Saturn Yellow

Interior Color:

A real-deal GS 455 has a ton of appeal. There were only about 8,000 examples made in 1970, and over half a century later, a good one makes for a rare sight. But Buick also introduced the GSX in 1970, and with only 678 produced, they are nearly unobtainable.

It all makes for an impressive total package that will get you a prime spot at plenty of car shows. The pillarless hardtop profile lets everyone get a clear view of the stylish black interior. It was fully redone during this car’s restoration/transformation, so everything feels fresh and comfortable.

And this year-correct block is even believed to be original to the car. The mighty V8 has some great vintage performance pieces like the Quadrajet four-barrel carburetor and Stage 1 intake that allows this to breathe in fresh air from the hood scoops. While the top of the engine bay has the look of a bone stock car on day one, the undercarriage photos will show you that they also added long tube headers and an X-pipe dual exhaust.

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