1966 International Harvester Scout

Welcome to our 1966 Scout 800 Auction selling as-is!  This Scout was owned by one family and kept on a farm in Chico, California until we purchased the vehicle in June of 2018.  We moved the Scout to Spring Hill, TN in 2019.

  Spotless glass and the fresh seal look amazing. The drive back was way better than the drive down at those speeds! When we purchased the Scout the steering box was a hot mess.

  Motor fires up really well and we push the choke in as it warms up.   The fuel system is converted to fuel pump and runs on the only tank – drivers side. The selector switch is there but there is one tank.

 The parking brake handle leads to the first half the cable system under the scout and then it ends.  We never had a parking brake and didn’t buy anything to hook that back up.  The previous owners think the fuel gauge works and just needs a sending unit, but we never tested that.

Price And More Info!
June 10, 2021 5:20 am