1965 Shelby Cobra

*** Pay Attention ***  The price of $55,900 is the base price of a Superformance MKIII Cobra.  All pictures are showing optional features not included in the $55,900 price.  Do not click the “Buy it now” and think your are getting one of the cars, as illustrated, in the photos.

  I do not have the ability to see or respond to messages that come from that source.  Please use the regular “ask a question” method.  ThanksOf 4 cars arriving in late July, 1 is still available.

  The pictures provided are stock photos of cars in the same colors as what I have on order.  The GT40 on order is a MKI Gulf edition as shown in the picture, but without a number painted in the roundels.  Still time to change the order to your specifications.

  A frequent question is what does is cost to complete these cars?  Well, where do you want to be on the scale of mild to wild?  Going the economy route, you could have a finished car for as little $74,995.

Price And More Info!
June 8, 2021 5:19 am