1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

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Full size photosVideo

In the registry owned by Ray Geddes from Shelby

Stock #:


Exterior Color:

Candy Apple Red

Interior Color:

So while rarity with a GT500 is a guarantee with these pony cars, this drop-top also has the kind of history that gets it to the front of the heard ever time. Candyapple Red is always a color in demand, because the bright color is the perfect way to announce this serious sports car. But just because it’s a favorite doesn’t mean it’s common.

But the insignia you might love the most are the little cobras in the center cap of each of the cool cast aluminum wheels. It’s all part of the details that tell you that Ray Geddes’ Mustang has been kept as he special car it is. The black convertible top goes nicely with the black accents of the exterior, and with the flip of a switch, it powers down to reveal a full black interior.

) For those who don’t already know the history of Ray Geddes, he was present at Ford’s win at LeMans. And so it would make sense he’d have a car with the top-dog motor. Ford’s 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet engine was one of the most potent machines on the street.

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