1968 Mustang 1968 Shelby Gt-350 Cobra Fastback Mustang (Barn find)

This is a True Barn Find 68 Shelby GT-350 Fastback Cobra Mustang! I rescued it out of hibernation a while back where it has been tucked away since 1985 and I recorded videos of me winching it out of his shop and him talking about stuff on the car which I figured the person buying this car would love to have for the stories and to put a face to the car. I also have the previous owners old 1984 student college ID card with a picture of how he looked back in the day on it so someone could put the face to the car that owned it back in the day, its just cool history and he left a David Bowie concert ticket in the glovebox from 1984 when he played in Austin tx, some old gas receipts and etc, thought that was pretty cool.

If someone polished all the chrome and buffed and waxed this car it would look amazing. Still has the front wire grill shell in front of the radiator without a ding in it. All the emblems, lenses, tail lights, chrome, fog lights, and stickers are good and the glass is good, even the windshield.

This Shelby is in amazing condition for being rescued after 36 years. These cars are going up so fast in value, this would be a great investment for someone and by far make one of the ultimate best muscle cars to cruise around all original! Most cars like this take a special buyer or collector that knows what these cars are and there going to want it just because the shape that its in and unmolested.

1968 Mustang 1968 Shelby Gt-350 Cobra Fastback Mustang (Barn find)

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November 10, 2020 5:29 am

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