1932 Ford Other Pickups Original 1932 Flathead Ford Model B BB Truck to Hot Rod or Restore TROG

This is a really great 1932 Ford BB truck. It has quite the story. This is a farm truck that came out of Rockland, Idaho, where it sat undisturbed for years.

The passenger door is in better than average condition. There is a small spot of rust-out on the exterior/bottom portion of the door. The bottom hinge area was repaired at some time in the past with a pice of scrap iron.

The hood vent works and sits a little crooked while closed. The grille is solid with some denting. The top of the grille was cut around the radiator cap to accommodate what I believe is a ’33 radiator.

The firewall is better than average. It has both feet though they are cracked and will need repair. It also has the V8 throttle linkage.

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June 1, 2020 5:00 pm

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