1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Luxury Cruiser V8 C6 Auto Classic Vintage Collector Continental Ford Blue Premiu

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So the upgrade to the paint seems quite appropriate here. The blue is a more modern application with a ton of depth and metallic shine. It’s more attention-grabbing than the earthtones you usually got in the 1970s.

Ford’s smooth and refined 460 cubic-inch V8 provides effortless performance in the Continental. It has decent horsepower, but the real story is the torque that’s enough to pull a boat. Of course you will likely never want to tow a yacht in this land-yacht, but it’s this kind of available strength that allow you to smoothly cruise the boulevard.

This 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV is a large luxury classic cruiser with paint that radiates from across the parking lot. The Continental has always been a great American luxury car with big block power and a TON of vintage sheetmetal. The gothic Mark IV was longer, wider, and lower than the Mark III and delivered what was arguably the best combination of full-sized luxury and muscular performance.

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May 29, 2020 5:44 pm

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