1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 496 Tribute Very Sharp! Strong 496 Stroker Big Block, Auto, Cold A/C, PS/B w/ Frt Disc! Wow!

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” when you saw this slick 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 496 Tribute. Wearing stunning Cranberry Red paint and packing a gnarly 496 cubic inch big block, it’s every bit as cool in person as it appears in photos. Take a closer look.

The hood fits well, which is important with a cowl unit and attention-grabbing stripes, and the deep red seems to show off the dramatic body lines better than almost any other color; check out that low-angle side profile shot to see what I mean. A correct SS grille and emblems have been added, which is pretty much standard procedure in a tribute car, and they didn’t skimp on the chrome and stainless trim, which all remains in great shape, featuring new bumpers fore and aft, new mirrors, door handles, and badges, along with 1971-spec corner lights with clear lenses for a slightly custom look. Black stripes outside almost demand a black interior inside, and that’s exactly what this ’72 carries, with comfortable, newer black bucket seats, matching door panels, a taut headliner and plush carpets below that tie it all together.

Long-tube headers dump into a Flowmaster dual exhaust system, so it sounds potent without being rude, and like I said, that underbody is clean thanks to the full restoration and good maintenance since. A 10-bolt full of friendly gears means this is an effortless highway cruiser and the big block doesn’t need a lot of gear to get rolling, making it surprisingly docile but incredibly potent. Polished Torque Thrust wheels sparkle against the red paint and wear fat 225/55/16 front and 245/50/16 rear BFGoodrich blackwall rubber.

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September 4, 2019 5:06 am



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