1963 Chevrolet Impala — classic vintage chrome chevy low rider 350 v8 auto transmission air bags burgund

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its predecessors of just a few years earlier, especially as far as its more reined in rear fenders and tail. The sharp burgundy shade it wears is a stand-out color and is in good shape, with a nice even shine from front to back and no glaring blemishes in sight. An ultra-low stance and compact wheels peeking out from the fenders are a couple of other elements that draw you in right away – this is definitely a ride that will turn heads on the boulevard and is capable of making a big impact on the local car show circuit as well.

It’s paired with a 3-speed automatic TCI350 transmission that’s shifting with slip-free precision and this Chevy’s performance abilities are further amplified by added Hotchkiss rear traction bars to ensure that the power reaches the pavement with efficiency. This icon rides on a top tier Accuair suspension that provides chameleon-like adjustability and is easily navigated by a controller mounted below the driver’s seat. The brake system has been upgraded with power disc brakes at all four corners for fade resistant stopping power, while power steering makes for easy maneuverability as this beloved cruiser prowls the asphalt on its 13″ Spoke wheels.

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August 30, 2019 5:51 am



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