1972 De Tomaso Pantera Pre L 72 Detomaso Pantera Pre L Vintage exotic

I am not going to give everyone a lengthy history of Detomaso or the Pantera, as you can easily go to the Pantera Owners Club of America or the Pantera International website and read up the Marque for yourself. This car is beautiful and drives very well, with the odometer showing only 20,205miles. In my opinion, it is tastefully done, built to look great and perform awesome.

It has been built with care, as evidenced by use of safety wiring, stainless and chrome fasteners, lock nuts, and anti-seize in the appropriate places. The car has absolutely no rust, which is paramount for Panteras. Transmission was rebuilt in 2014 by East Coast Pantera expert Ron Mcall, and shifts flawlessly.

The paint is very smooth with a good gloss, but has a couple of very small areas with slight age cracks. I will likely have to point these out, as they are subtle. Window glass is all perfect.

I have removed a valve cover, and found adjustable push rods, large double valve springs, and Glyptal painted oil passages. These are the types of things not done during a stock rebuild, but rather by someone that is detailed oriented. It idles with a nice lope, so there is an aftermarket cam.

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August 12, 2019 5:06 am



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