1941 Dodge Power Wagon 1941 Dodge WC (Power Wagon)

Dream Truck! Offering is a 1941 Dodge WC and is from before WWII and before there was a Jeep and before there were Power Wagons. Military spec and different from the Power Wagons made after the 1945.

roadkillcustoms.com/sergeant-rock-stacey-davids-1941-dodge-power-wagon/ Sgt. Rock and https:

Running boards are from a truck. From front to back …I had the front clip sandblasted (fenders and hood) and then primed and painted them without any filler or bondo. I attempted to hammer out some dents but the 4 lbs sledge hammer wasn’t enough so I left them alone.

Engine has 20,000 miles on it with a GM single wire Alternator. Water pump is new as is the aluminum radiator. Ignition is Pertronix and wires are new.

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August 12, 2019 5:53 pm



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