1972 Jeep CJ 1972 Jeep cj5 AMC

This 72 cj5 vehicle was built by Miller’s Classics in NY. He recently passed away so his vehicles are now very highly sought after because high standards and workmanship . My uncle commissioned this vehicle to be built to his specifications at a cost of $89,000 in the 90’s.

! (Rear hose connection to the ram needs a O ring or thread sealent). Hood opens hydraulicly as does the rear tailgate.

My uncle was a 4×4 nut my dad built mustangs and I build VW buses. This vehicle would cost 125k to build now. It’s a pure steal and is registered and titled in CA in my name for the road.

1972 Jeep CJ 1972 Jeep cj5 AMC

Price And More Info!
August 2, 2019 5:05 am



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