1941 Dodge Power Wagon 1941 Dodge Power Wagon (WC12)

I have been pretty busy since my truck was last posted…

My title transfer was from a PA title. The tag agency did tell me that I could change the year on the title to the correct year for the cab (1947). When my truck sells the buyer would have the option of leaving it a 1941 or changing it.

Considering its age the truck is solid and looks pretty cool.The engine is the 1950 Chrysler “Spitfire” which was the biggest straight six that Chrysler made. A lot of torque but a 45 mph truck.

I must have wired the float assembly wrong because the fuel gauge doesn’t work or I think the tank has so much undercoating on it from Vintage Power Wagon that the circuit is being interrupted.3. I converted the electrical system from 6 to 12 volts.

Price And More Info!
July 26, 2019 5:53 am



I want more stuff like this!
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