1936 Other Makes Airflow C-9 Sedan 1936 Chrysler Airflow C-9 Sedan

1936 Chrysler Airflow C-9 Sedan Vehicle Information VIN: 6607444 Stock: 181101 Mileage:

1:1 rear end. Driver convenience features include power-assisted hydraulic brakes, automatic electric choke and “Floating Power” engine mounts.

That year, only the C-9 and C-10 Airflow body styles broke the 1,000-unit mark. Otherwise, total Airflow production sank to 6,275 units compared to the concurrent Airstream models, which sold more than 52,000 units for 1936. Nineteen thirty-six would be the last year that Chrysler’s premium Imperial model range would carry the Airflow.

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