1970 Volkswagen Other 1970 Volkswagen Single Cab Pickup Truck

1970 Volkswagen Single Cab (VW Pickup Truck)Low Reserve – Get a great daily driver thats a classic workhorse and a great base for a restoration An solid and reliable single cab pickup truck to use for hauling goods, materials around town. Fold down side gates and tailgate make this a true convenient hauler. I bought it 8 years ago when I moved to LA to be my daily driver.

Nothing that would be considered cancerous.Previous owner decided to bondo the front en, from portion of roof and drivers side treasure chest (cargo compartment) doora. All of this Bodo is cracked and breaking off.

I reupholstered the seats, added rubber floor and stand mats, upgraded the seatbelts to modern 3 point retractable versions for safety.Added an electric pump to the windshield washer reservoir and upgraded the windows to power windows using motors from an 85 BMW for convenience. I also added a an amp and subwoofer (under the seat) and speakers in the door panels to go with the modern stereo the previous owner added.

Brakes and clutch are smooth and responsiveTires are in great shape (very limited wear) Spare parts and misc included: New Headliner and bows and sun visors. Didn’t install incase you wanted to paint the car.

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May 29, 2019 5:07 pm



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