1957 Bel Air/150/210 — restored chevy classic vintage blue bel air 210 150

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In addition to that, there were fewer of them made too. So, if you like the look, and you like the idea of driving something a little bit different,..

There are rockets on top of the hood and Chevrolet in script on the front of it with a red, white and blue bowtie badge surrounded by a ton of ’57 chrome grill beneath it. At the back, the chrome cascades off the top of the fins surrounding the taillights and runs across between them in a simple, clean bumper. Open the door and the theme continues with the simple and elegant Black interior.

The gloss black air filter assembly sits on top of a Holley 4-barrel carburetor which feeds an Edelbrock performer intake manifold. Orange valve covers have Chevrolet in script and the A/C compressor as well as the alternator are perched up high in the front. Stock exhaust manifolds get the spent gasses heading back to dual free flow mufflers and a BeCool aluminum radiator with dual electric fans keeps things running cool.

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March 16, 2019 5:51 am



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