1970 AMC AMX AMC AMX 1970 Resto-Mod / Pro-Touring / Custom

HELL0! People, i Lowered the Price to The Lowest i will sell,My “Bottom Line”, i Will Not Be Going Lower than This Price.It IS Worth Way More, So if you are Thinking about it, now isthe Time to Step Up and Grab it.

It has Aprox.550 H/P.The Front has Adjustable Coil Over Shock’s.

A 9 Quart Custom Made Oil Pan ( comes With anAVIAID 7 Quart Pan with External Pick-Up) . Comes WithThousand’s of Dollar’s in Special Part’s Plus the Rear Spoiler.A 22 Gallon Custom Made Fuel Cell with Electric Pump’s.

. If you peopleWant More Picture’s? i can Send them Direct or by Text if weTalk about the car in More Detail.

Price And More Info!
March 15, 2019 5:07 pm



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