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Subtle muscle cars with big engines are just plain nasty. While Chrysler was famous for their high-impact colors, nobody would see this cool dark green Challenger coming. It.

We have to admit that the green interior works rather well and the industrial look of the 4-speed shifter (complete with pistol grip) coming out of the transmission tunnel suggests this car was built to do one thing only. Adding to the rarity, it is also a center console delete car, yet it does have a full set of Rallye gauges, including a correct factory tach, as well as the woodgrained wheel and dash inserts, which add a bit of upscale elegance to Dodge’s premier pony car. It does have a replacement AM/FM radio that fits right were the original was, but otherwise, it carries nothing that will get in the way of going fast.

It starts and runs extremely well, and if you’re going to drive a Mopar, you’ll be hard pressed to have more fun than in this Challenger. Correct Rallye wheels finish the look and are wrapped in staggered 235/60/15 front and 275/60/15 BFGoodrich T/A radials. Documented with Galen Govier paperwork, restoration photos, and other nice details, this is a pedigreed Challenger in a rare color combination that’s 100% ready to rock.

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February 7, 2019 5:08 pm



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