1957 Bel Air/150/210 Wagon VERY COOL ”57 CHEVY W/ CORVETTE L71 427 V8, TH400 TRANS, A/C, PS/B W/ FRT DISC

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Like most of its other ’57 classmates, the 210 carried an ever more ornate display of chrome as the ’50s went on and you’ll see that metallic finery is in very nice form here. The two-tone adobe beige and white color scheme complements this Chevy’s form nicely and, as you step around to the front, you can see how the tasteful colors of the paint combine with its extensive chrome ornamentation to give this classic a great presence. The dominant front grille blends into a front bumper that, like its counterpart in back, is nearly new and looks the part.

The big block sounds great as it exhales out into a pair of Headman headers, and is mated with a 4-speed automatic transmission that’s shifting securely. Armed with power steering and power brakes – discs in front – this is an easy driving classic, a car that you’ll enjoy taking out on the road every bit as much as you’ll enjoy admiring in your garage. A set of American Racing wheels that measure 17″ in front and 20″ in back give this classic Chevy Wagon a great, inclined stance.

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February 1, 2019 5:52 am



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