1972 Corvette LS5 454 1972 Chevrolet Corvette LS5 454 Convertible 454 LS5 V8 3 Speed Automatic Classic

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.this ‘Vette looks like a life-size version of that Hot Wheel you just had to have all those years ago, because its sheer visual awesomeness meant certain victory in match races. That eye-catching hue is in very nice condition here, with a smooth texture and a strong shine that follows you as you circle the car.

The engine compartment in this ’72 has been very well cared for – it’s in showroom condition, in fact, and houses the original 454 cubic inch engine, which fits surprisingly well, considering the powerplant’s size. Dressed in its factory air cleaner that sits over a Quadratec 4-barrel carb and properly painted orange block valve covers and block, the engine looks great and runs strong, teaming with a 3-speed automatic TH400 transmission to provide a great driving experience that won’t leave you dreading stop and go traffic. A steel plate bearing the signature Chevy flags was mounted inside to celebrate this American Sports Car’s power as it left the factory, proudly proclaiming its output of an impressive 455 lb-ft of torque.

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