1969 Lotus Europa Lotus Europa S2 Type 54

This is a Type 54 S2 non-federal Europa which has the lower and sleeker front fender contour and headlights, in common with the Type 46 S1 Europa. The 54 introduced a bolt-in removable frame as on the Elan, and without all the Federal add-ons weighs in at a scant 1350 lbs. This car is my tribute to the Lotus glory years of the mid-60’s and the greatest race car designer/driver combination of all time, Colin Chapman and Jim Clark.

The cars are driven on to the massive cargo ships and stored below the main deck in warehouses and not exposed to the weather. All you need to do is contact Matson to arrange a booking to the West Coast Port of your choice — Long Beach, Oakland or Seattle. The cost is approximately $1,000.

1969 Lotus Europa Lotus Europa S2 Type 54
1969 Lotus Europa Lotus Europa S2 Type 54

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October 11, 2018 5:51 am



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