Stromberg 97 Ford flathead V8 Carburetor, NoResv

This is a Stromberg 97 Flathead Ford Carburetor from dry storage in a Restorers estate in dry New Mexico. Most of the carbs that have come from this estate were cleaned up or rebuilt and sealed in plastic bags before storage. This one also has obviously been cleaned up and worked on as can be seen in the photos.

All in all a very Decent usable looking carb from a dry climate. It is around 60+ years old and used so it does have some expected shop wear scratches, mars and imperfections, nothing real major or that will detract from use. The one thing that I did spot is that the base casting has indications that it might have had some rust on it in the past that has been cleaned off.

50 handling which will be used to purchase USPS shipping insurance. Please email any questions or comments. Thanks for looking.

Stromberg 97 Ford flathead V8 Carburetor, NoResv

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September 14, 2018 5:25 am



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