1956 Porsche 356 356 Porsche/350hpSTi/4cam/16v fuel injected intercooled turbo/5speed/w-overdrive

This is a very unique conversion. Originally designed to be a rebody-ed Volkswagen, which proved to be a huge disappointment, under-powered-poor handing plagued by maintenance issues. After 5 variances of VW engines, including a Scat engine and different transmission combinations, the car then evolved to be the delight I had hoped for.

this means very quick off the line and not compromising top end (165mph). Driven conservatively you can expect 27 mpg or 10 mpg when you are feeling frisky, it will almost pull the wheels under full floored acceleration and the transmission can take it unlike the VW 4 speeds It features a rubber-mounted independent rear end design, utilizing 936 CV joints big ..

The car was road tested for dependability and safety after the conversion and has approximately 1000 miles on the new engine. The exquisite interior has been designed with attention to details (burled walnut/mahogany/embroidery. Both, the convertible top and the tonto cover were created with German-made stay-fast canvas.

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July 12, 2018 5:19 am



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