1928 Chrysler Other 1928 chrysler

a pretty rare cars, never see 1928 chryslers that much at all like you do the old model a fords, these are fairly rare, even more rare to find an original,,this has the original body, engine, roof and wheels and all are in nice enough shape to win a few trophys as “best original” the trophys come with it, has owners manual, was painted once in 1934 due to an acid rain bath next to chemical plant in philadelphia so the paint on it is from 1934 ,,has chips and flakes here and there but this is a finish worth keeping on it if you like that original patina to it, i would not change a thing, the engine fires up easily and after a few minutes smooths right out, all gears works fine, drives about as good as a 1928 original can. has a stack of service records that will also come with it. interior was done nicely many many years ago and still looks great, all glass is original and in great shape.

this auction and all bids can be cancelled at any time because the car is for sale locally, only a buy it now will ensure an ebay sale. just had someone ask about a “buy it now ” price,,its listed in the ad !!

1928 Chrysler Other 1928 chrysler
1928 Chrysler Other 1928 chrysler

Price And More Info!
June 19, 2018 5:53 pm



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