MGA Mark I 1960 MG MGA Mark I 746 Miles British Racing Green Convertible 1622 c.c. 4 Speed

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Clear Vehicle Description It’s the quintessential British sports car and a sure bet to turn heads wherever you take it. This 1960 MGA Mark I is a true classic from across the pond, and it greets the present day in great form, looking very sharp both inside and out, and running smooth. Clad in a very appropriate British Racing green – after all the MG is about as British as afternoon tea and James Bond – this is a car that’ll charm you.

As you pull the cable-operated latch to open the door and climb inside, you’ll almost certainly be surprised by the amount of room for driver and passenger – despite the MG’s modest size, a full-size adult won’t feel the need to adopt the bent-knee, shoulders-raised posture required by so many of its counterparts. The low-backed buckets still have plenty of miles left in them and if you look beyond the leather-wrapped stock steering wheel, you’ll see a dash that’s in outright impressive shape, with a nice gloss over its steel surface and an assortment of stock gauges that are unusually clear sitting in the instrument cluster. Just to the right you’ll find a Sony AM/FM/CD player with an auxiliary port standing by to provide your tunes while you’re out on the road enjoying yourself.

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