Junior L108 Tractor 1961 Porsche Junior L108 Tractor 1 Miles 6-Speed Manual Transmission

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 Germany. The appeal of the Porsche-built tractors can be attributed to much more than just their stunning looks as they were designed with a fluid coupling to connect the engine to a six-speed transmission – a distinctive feature which offered the driver smooth shifting. In 1960, Porsche introduced a new Bosch hydraulic lifting system, a significantly improved design when compared to the earlier 1956-’59 tractors.

The data plate, stampings, and emblems all appear to be in place. The Junior 108 is arguably one of the most attractive tractors produced and is sure to draw a crowd of smiles wherever it goes. A cute and appropriate addition to any collection, this Junior 108 is a great way to add a unique piece of Porsche history to your stable.

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