1111 Replica/Kit Makes Bugatti Veyron ~ Bugatti Veyron Replica ~

Bugatti Veyron Replica ~ Beautiful Exotic RockSolid Importer’s American Collection What you get: We will build you a NEW Completely assembled Bugatti Veyron Replica with a NEW V8 Engine.Now is your chance to own a High Performance Bugatti style car for A FRACTION of the price!

.. That’s right, almost two million dollars.

You are buying an already assembled, complete Ferrari F-430 kit car that has everything you need to impress! When we say everything, we mean it. Basic Specs:

Custom Chassis / MR2 / GMBody : High Quality Fiberglass & Steel / Carbon KevlarEngine Location :Mid/Rear EngineEngine Configuration :

Price And More Info!
April 6, 2018 5:50 am



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