100-4 BN2 Convertible 1956 Austin Healey 100-4 BN2 Convertible Black 4-cylinder 2.6L Manual

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This 100-4 comes accompanied by a heritage certificate to validate its authenticity, indicating this is a matching numbers example. We also learn that this car was originally finished in Reno Red over a Red interior with a black soft top. Its build date is documented to be June 7, 1956 and was later dispatched for delivery to a dealer in Los Angeles, California.

Looking down either side of the block will show that there are no leaks, all the proper markings, correct tags present, and an attention to detail is evident throughout. Additionally, all of the numbers between the body number, chassis number, and engine number are all correct with the body number stampings “14172” being present on the trunk hinge and the side of the bonnet. The trunk area is of the same consistency with new trim work used throughout.

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